A quick overview of Fluency Fix

This short video shows you what you can expect in a Fluency Fix conversation practice session. 

Preview it:
A short movie demo of the conversation
Pronounce it: Your pronunciation guides Carlene Cavey, Dame Diction and professor Pronunci will show you how to pronounce all the words in the conversation.
Practice it: A conversation with your animated practice partner with the help of the text
Produce it: A chance to do the conversation naturally without the help of any text
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What to do during your conversation practice session

In this video you'll see how to participate in an interactive conversation practice session and what to do during all 4 sections of the video.

Try a Conversation Practice Session now!

To experience what a conversation practice session is like, go ahead and try Beginner English: Conversation #8 now. In this conversation, a woman is trying to get a hotel room.
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