Intermediate English

The Fluency Fix intermediate conversations are designed to allow you to express yourself on a wide variety of topics using 20 different grammatical structures. Over the course of 200 English conversations you'll practice expressing yourself comfortably using the grammar categories below. You'll practice ten conversations per category and gradually build upon your skills as the course progresses.
1) The Present Tense
2) The Past Tense   
3) Comparisons   
4) Quantities   
5) The Present Continuous   
6) The Past Continuous   
7) The Present Perfect   
8) The Present Perfect Continuous   
9) The Past Perfect   
10) The Past Perfect Continuous
11) The Future -Going To   
12) The future - Will   
13) The future continuous   
14) The Conditional   
15) The Passive   
16) Modals   
17) Reported Speech   
18) Relative Clauses
19) The Imperative   
20) Adverbs 

Important Course Information

1. There are 200 conversations in the course.
2. Learners have ten months to complete the course.
3. Learners will receive up to 10 conversations every 10 days until the total of 200 has
     been reached.
4. A course completion certificate is issued to learners who have completed the entire
5. This course is also included in the Bundle English 365.
6. This is a digital-non-refundable course.
7. A free-trial of the first 15 conversations is available to everyone by clicking play on any of the first 15 conversations below and creating a free account.