Business English

You’ve heard that English is the language of business. Now you’ll have the opportunity to practice expressing yourself in a wide variety of settings. These business English conversations are designed to help you at work, to advance your career and to prepare you for doing a job interview in English. Diversify your business conversation portfolio by becoming comfortable expressing yourself on the topics below:

  • Banking
  • Loyalty Programs
  • Sales
  • Customer Service
  • Insurance
  • Doing  a Job Interview in English

Important Course Information

1. There are 100 conversations in the course.
2. Learners have six months to complete the course.
3. Learners will receive up to 10 conversations every 10 days until the total of 100 has been reached.
4. A course completion certificate is issued to learners who have completed the entire course.
5. This course is also included in the Bundle English 365.
6. This is a digital-non-refundable course.
7. A free-trial of the first 15 conversations is available to everyone by clicking play on any of the first 15 conversations below and creating a free account.