What is a noun?

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A noun is a part of speech that is used to denote an object, a place, an idea or an activity. It can also be the name of a person. It is something you can see or touch but also includes abstract notions like bravery, happiness and thoughts.

Countable nouns refer to things that can be counted or things that have a singular and a plural form.

Two examples of countable nouns are cat and apple. These when pluralized become cats and apples.

Uncountable nouns usually refer to things that cannot be counted such as liquids or abstract notions such.

They usually have only a singular or a plural form and are not used with the indefinite article.
Two examples of uncountable nouns are water and love.

Proper nouns are names of particular people or places.
Two examples of proper nouns are James Bond and London.

Common nouns are general names for categories of things.
Two examples of common nouns are book and mountain.

Collective nouns are used to speak about groups.
Two examples of collective nouns are a team or a pack.

Compound nouns are nouns that are formed by using more than one root.
Two examples of compound nouns are cupboard and seafood.

Although English does not have the category of gender, certain nouns are gender-specific.

Some examples of gender specific nouns in English are actor, actress, waiter, waitress, king and queen.

In a sentence, nouns can be used as the subject or object of a verb.

Originally published on May 16th, 2019
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